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​.For the installation instruction, click on the Read more....3.4 million acres in federal lands – which could be opened to oil and gas leasing. This includes national parks like Dinosaur National Monument, Anasazi Heritage Center, Dinosaur Ridge and Black Mesa. Dallin Oaks of the LDS Church who recently came to a “better understanding” of the relationship between man and nature, has endorsed Enbridge’s Transmountain pipeline and the two proposed tar sands pipelines in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota. According to a press release of the LDS Church’s Ensign magazine, “Oaks said that if energy development is done in a ‘caring and environmentally sound’ manner, it can contribute to the building up of community.” He added that it “is important for us to put aside past battles and learn from the mistakes of the past.” In a letter to the press dated March 5, 2018, Oaks explained that the Transmountain pipeline “will provide affordable and dependable energy for the foreseeable future.” He also said that “environmental and climate concerns are important to us, and they should be considered by policymakers and by the general public when making decisions about energy development.” He also proposed that land which is currently off limits to energy development be opened for oil and gas leasing, while other federal lands should be “carefully considered” for such development. These recommendations would permit oil and gas development in the western states and public lands. As Oaks stated in his letter, “We want to be the environmental light on the hill.” In fact, LDS Church founder Joseph Smith taught that “There are two principles which should ever govern the treatment of animals, namely, kindness and justice.” Oaks has called the LDS Church “one of the most ecologically minded church organizations in the world,” noting that it has acted “to protect the natural environment.” Oaks’ comments and actions show the LDS Church’s support for the oil and gas industry. The LDS Church and Enbridge have had close relationships since 1978. The LDS Church purchased more than five million acres of land in Utah, mostly in the Wasatch Front, in order to protect the state’s natural resources from pollution and overuse. The land was subsequently turned into parks and reserves including Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef,



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Freedom Fighter 2 Pc Game Free Download

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