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[PC GAME - ITA] Opera Fatal yesigold




i'm selling my (european) opera fatal on a lincense chalice. opera fatal is a nice car racing sim, i played it alot last year. the cars were nice, many tracks. if you like car racing, you should try it out. it can be played as singleplayer, multiplayer and vs-player (local network). the price is o.k. but i don't think i will sell it... maybe a local friend. if you want to know more about it, look on the bottom of this page. it's a newer version, so the engine is the same. it's a easier version of carjacking(mod) now, i don't think i will sell it. i will let it at a friend, but if i'll get offer i'll tell them. oh, no, carjacking isn't an opera fatal mod. i don't know how to download it from or the game, so it isn't. i don't think you'll get any more offers for it. but it's still worth too. but that's the price. well, the problem is, that




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[PC GAME - ITA] Opera Fatal yesigold

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