Double Extracted Mushroom Elixir + Spiced Double Elderberry 

2/3 Double Extracted Mushroom - (1/2 Reishi, 1/4 Chaga, 1/4 Shiitake)

1/3 Spiced Double Elderberry (this batch is made with fresh ginger)

7 of this batch are available. Next batch ETA 4/16/2020

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Elderberry*, Whisky, Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake,  Astragalus Root*, Fresh Ginger*, Echinacea  Root*, Cassia Cinnamon Bark*, Clove Bud*, Rose Hips*, Cardamom*, Hawthorn Berry*, and Orange Peel*,      *Organic      4.25 Oz. 

Double Extracted Mushroom + Spiced Elderberry