A delicous way to get your CBD! Made with organic ginger and orange peel infused raw local honey. 255 mg CBD in a reusable 2 oz glass jar. CBD is Co2 exctracted and free from pesticedes, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Triple tested for purity and potency. Full specrrum CBD!

Ingredients: Raw Swarmbustin' Honey, Full Spectrum CO2 extracted CBD, Darjeeling Tea*, Cassia Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Clove*, Star Anise*, Cardamom*, Nutmeg*, Orange Peel*, Vanilla Bean*, + Long Pepper*.   *Organic. 30+ mg CBD per teaspoon. Take 1/4-1/2 tsp 2x a day.    *Organic

Please email rachel@rockersoaps.com to recieve the Cannabinoid Test Results.

Chai Spiced CBD Honey